Worship & Tech

Creating Meaningful and Memorable Moments

Online Worship & Tech Application


         The Worship & Tech Team is responsible for providing the sensory components of our weekend services; how the services look, feel, sound, and sometimes even how they smell. Our mission is to provide meaningful and memorable moments through creative elements that help to reach the hearts of our attendees so that they are better able to connect with the spoken message during the services.  We are constantly amazed at comments from our attendees regarding a creative element that stuck with them and helped to cement the memory of a message in their minds, or helped to connect the dots to better understand a Biblical truth or to see where God was working in their lives. Sometimes it’s a song or a video. Maybe it was a skit or a prop on the set. Even the smell of baking bread during message can awaken a memory and have a lasting impact.  It all happens through the creativity and hands of artists and technicians on the Worship & Tech Team.

Open Positions Available! 

  • Guitarist

  • Bassist

  • Drums

  • Keys

  • Vocals

  • FOH Sound Engineering

  • Lyrics / Media / Lights

  • Production

  • Video